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Reply To: Why is it important for Christians to keep the sad history of Christian antisemitism in mind when responding to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the present?

Mary Schulten

As someone who has been engaged in the conversation about Israel for a while, I think I’ve been in defense mode when it comes to Christian antisemitism. As an activist in college, I was often faced with opposition from professors and other students who doubted if my support for Israel was genuine, or as some sort of road to meet and convert Jews. They often pointed to Christian antisemitism in history as a reason that my support for Israel could not be genuine. So, rather than owning up to that history, I would redirect to all of the Christians throughout history who stood by the Jewish people and risked their own lives to do so. This lesson was a good wake up call for me that the history of Christian antisemitism isn’t going anywhere, so I need to be armed with the knowledge to own up to the mistakes of my church and rebuke it.