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Reply To: What are 3 tangible ways that you can personally improve your relationships with Christians from other traditions?

Zack Jones

Building friendships with them
Work with them at Faith & Law
Spend time reading them

One of the first ways I can improve my relationships with Christians from other traditions and denominations is reading books by authors from those traditions. Engaging with the best expressions of another’s ideas would help me to understand the coherence in other’s thought processes, while positively challenging me in my own beliefs. It would also expose the straw-man arguments and stereotypes I may be holding.

Second, I can continue building friendships with people from traditions. Next week, I’ll be visit my friend in Canada who is a member of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Our practices and emphases are quite different (I’m a member of a Southern Baptist, elder-led, congregational church), but when we engage we’re both strengthened.

Third, I can work with people from different traditions through a current organization I’m already a part of called Faith & Law. It challenges Christian staffers on Capitol Hill to consider how the Christian worldview should affect the ways we view public policy. Christians from many different stripes are involved and I can choose to invest in those relationships for the good of the organization and for other Hill Staffers.