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Reply To: How can you work to combat antisemitism and supersessionism in your own Christian community?

yasmin mata

Three ways that I can continue to participate in combating antisemitism is, educating myself about anti-Semitism, particularly the anti-Semitism comingled with the demonization of Israel. Continue to learn more about anti-Semitic stereotypes and myths by sharing with others what I have learned. Being on campus has allowed me to get connected with SSI and whenever there is a guest speaker I try to attend, ask questions, and engage to show support.

Ways in which I can combat supersessionism in my own Christian community, begin with me. It is important that I have a clear understanding of where I stand and my own theology before I can begin to recognize other types of theology. I realized from my own experience that it can be challenging to recognize at times especially because it is not always obvious that someone blatantly believes or would label their theology as “replacement theology”. However, instances, where I have been able to detect it most, are when my Christian friends dismiss the importance of modern-day Israel and the Jewish people. I believe that the best way to get other Christians to think about the importance of Israel and the Jewish people today is by sharing my story and experience with them and pointing to scripture and to Jesus. One of my favorite passages that has stuck with me from the first trip to Israel is Jeremiah 31:35–37.