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Reply To: In the first lecture, Dr. McDermott teaches that the Bible is one story, and that God upholds his covenant with the Jewish people to this very day. Was this what you were taught growing up? If not, how will this insight change the way you read the bible going forward?

Carrie Coffman

I definitely wouldn’t say that I grew up learning that God upholds his covenant with the Jewish people to this day. Really, the only discussions of the Jewish people I had growing up in the church were in the context of Jesus’ life and His crucifixion. It took until my preparation for a trip to Israel that I began a dive into this topic to remove this gap in my understanding that I didn’t even know I had. Even though I knew at a young age the covenant God had made with Abraham, I think it took me much longer to really comprehend what that meant. Now having learned all of these implications, both through my time in Israel and through studies like these, I have been completely transformed in my Bible reading (among other things!). This insight reminds me of the great importance of the Jewish people – not just in the past, pre-Jesus time, but also in every moment since. In addition, I am reminded of how great our need is to go straight to the Word of the Lord. He is the ultimate source of truth – and though it is also good to be hearing this truth through the mouths of others, we should always be going to Him first and foremost.