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Reply To: BONUS: Go to a church service in a Christian denomination outside of your own tradition

Cara Brown

I am currently looking for a new church home, so I had already been planning to do this around the same time I was taking this class! I had been curious about an Anglican church in my neighborhood (I have visited a different Anglican church before many years ago) and was curious to go to a service again. The timing felt like it was (but clearly wasn’t!) a coincidence as I had different traditions on the brain, so God was definitely at work! I am not used to liturgy where the congregation speaks after the minister all together, so, even though I was prepared, it is challenging for me at times. The structure is quite similar to the Catholic church, although obviously have important differences. We also read the Nicene Creed together which was particularly meaningful after studying its origins in more depth through this course. I paid more attention to what each word meant as we read them, especially differences we noted in this course, such as the Spirit “proceeding” from the Father and the Son or only the Father for the Orthodox church. I appreciate the diversity of worship experiencing other traditions can offer and how we can connect with God in purposefully unique ways.