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Reply To: Did any of the similarities or differences between Christian and Jewish theology surprise you? If so, which/why?

Clay Shackelford

Some of these differences in Jewish theology surprised me. Particularly, the views of progressive Jews. They surprised me because they are so different from their traditional theology. For instance, the more progressive Jews think the messiah is the coming of age and not a person. That this age will be ushered in based on their own moral actions.

I also thought it was interesting how Jews claim that Christians want to abolish Torah. While I see that most Christians think that way, I was never raised that way.

I also thought that hearing about Jewish theology, in general, was quite interesting. I think we should open ourselves up to Jewish theology more because at least some of this theology was also the roots of Jesus’s theology as well. I think we should entertain questions like “How has Christian theology lost its Jewish roots? What have we added that is untrue? What have we taken away that is true?