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Reply To: BONUS: Go to a church service in a Christian denomination outside of your own tradition

Marina Ghaly

I recently attended mass at a Roman Catholic Church. I grew up in both a Protestant Church and an Orthodox Church, therefore, I found some similarities and familiarity between all three church traditions. With the Protestant Church, there was some familiarity with the order of worship. Both the Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Church have similar worship order with very familiar words. Obviously between the two the wording si different. For example, in the Catholic Church the priest says “The Lord be with you!” in which the congregation replies, “and with your spirit!” in the Presbyterian church, the congregation replies “and also with you!”
The major differences between the Catholic and Orthodox church is the length. The Orthodox church is a lot longer than the Catholic Church and depending on the Orthodox Church, you may not hear a homily (sermon). The wording was also different. It shows regardless of what church you grew up in, the differences are very minor. Although the history of the Church is filled with division because of different theologies, at the end of the day, it’s the death and resurrection of Jesus that saves us and we are all one in Christ.