Choose Your Path - Pathfinder

Choose Your Path

With Pathfinder, you now have the option to choose your learning track. Each track is different and some tracks qualify you for participation in other Philos programming beyond the Pathfinder program.

A la Carte

Designed for individuals who want to take a few courses of their choosing at their own pace. The a la carte track does not qualify you for future participation in programs like The Philos Leadership Institute, but it allows you to explore the Pathfinder program at your own pace.

Take any course, at any time

Go at your own pace

Does not qualify you for Pathfinder retreat or the Philos Leadership Institute, a 2 week long trip to Israel

Pathfinder Track

This is our most popular track and gives you a deeper understanding of the Near East and the Hebraic worldview.

Comprised of the foundational Philos Pathfinder courses

Complete courses on a specific timeline

Qualifies you for the Pathfinder retreat

Qualifies you for The Philos Leadership Institute, a 2 week long trip to Israel

Receive a certificate of completion to add to your LinkedIn Profile

Charles Malik Institute Track

Interested in diplomacy and international affairs? The Charles Malik Institute track will teach you more about Charles Malik, the Lebanese statesman, as well as the history of Lebanon and more. The Charles Malik track is lead by the Charles Malik Institute, a new special project that launched out of The Philos Project summer 2022.

Learn more about the Lebanese statesmen, Charles Malik

Dive into Christo-centric diplomacy and international affairs

Qualifies you for more Charles Malik Institute Programming